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July 20, 2011

Yeah, I’m still alive

Hey everybody,

yeah I know… You probably waiting for the next version with iframe-support and so on, but to be honest: Time is short and there are a lot of things, which I have to do first right now.

BUT there are great news: User BTermorshuizen added some “multiple-issue-per-app”-functionality! Check it our in the GitHub-Forums. I didn’t have the time to test it yet, but it makes me happy, that other people improve the compendium (or Baker or both). That’s why I published of all this stuff in the first place. To see how it will evolve over time. So give it a go and let us know in the comment how it goes.

Now to a different topic:

In “About” I talk a lot about the magazine “zuviel” I built during my diploma thesis. Unfortunately I can’t release it in the App-Store due licensing reasons, BUT I made a small video highlighting the magazine. I know it’s a bit long, but bear with me, I’m not a video guy. ;)

Link to the Video of “zuviel” on VIMEO

Please comment or mail me, if you have any questions.

Cheers and so long.

8 Responses to “Yeah, I’m still alive”

  1. Hey Florian,

    Really awesome video, the magazine looks amazing, which I could have a copy to look at. I have big hopes on releasing an ipad magazine of my own using lakers, wanted to ask you if there’s any magazine out there using this platform at the moment if so, can you please send me a link.

    Thanks a lot and keep rocking!

  2. this is great!!
    Now I’m using laker to make the book for my thesis.
    I hope you can see in app store in about 6 months :)

  3. Coool! Looking forward to it ;)

  4. Florian,
    Zuviel is an impressive work. Thanks for creating this framework toolset and for showing us what is possible!

  5. Awsome Florian, would be great to have the magazine as a template to work from. Again excellent work!

  6. thanks for your great job.

  7. Fantastic job, well done Florian.

  8. Very well done, especially the embedded video with z-axis. Everything runs very smoothly, did you have any memory issue during compile and testing? How is the framework releasing memory? Between each page? Keep cool Florian, hope to see more from you