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April 10, 2012

Laker 1.3 released – fix for TOC

Hey everybody,

a few people mailed me, that the Table of Content doesn’t show properly on iPad. The Baker guys updated Baker, so that the width and height of the Table of Content gets calculated automatically depending on content. It seems, that that interferes with the include-Script I am using. Therefore I disabled it for the Table of Content and placed it inside the index.html. Now it should work.

You can grab the current Laker Starter Pack 1.3 in the Downloads section.

If you have any feedback, please share it here. Also glad to here, that the Baker guys implemented a browser within the app. A friend of mine, steiny2k, helped with the integration of the browser! Thanks! Great!

Otherwise I’m feeling pretty good at the moment. Been’ to switzerland for four days and tomorrow I’m moving into our NEW! (and first) office spaces! Wohoooooo! No more Home-Office! Yeah! I’ll keep you guys updated with the progress of starting the agency.


24 Responses to “Laker 1.3 released – fix for TOC”

  1. Great news! Is there a changelog available?

  2. There are not many versions, check the blog. Mostly the updates concern bug fixes.

  3. On 5.1 (iPad and iPod-Touch) it still not works as it should, but it works on 5.0.

  4. Thank you for your work!
    Excellent app!

    Question. Tell me, can I use your example (with my altered content) in a commercial for sale in the AppStore?
    Thank you.

  5. Hey there,
    nope, you have to use and create your own content, sorry (at least if you don’t plan of paying me).


  6. Still not working as it should, the toc width does scrolls until the end of the content, and somehow i can scroll it on vertical, hope u guys fix it, thanks.

  7. Still not working as it should, the toc width does NOT scrolls until the end of the content, and somehow i can scroll it on vertical, hope u guys fix it, thanks.

  8. The conflict was caused by the javascript, so just delete the 3 js calls in index.html and everything should work fine!

  9. Hi florian

    Im new with laker ans so far i have a strange behave. Everytime that i swipe between pages i have as background the content of baker’s framework. Is this normal or im doing something wrong.
    and by the way, nice work


  10. That’s totally normal. You can change the images, by swapping the files in the baker directory.

  11. i don’t know i think is really weird. If you replace the book archive it should’nt be anything about baker content but it continues showing (like a memory problem). I’ve tryied to find the to touch anything about old bakers contens but i couldnt.

  12. It is really weird, if you find something, let me know.

  13. defenitively it’s a memory problem. I’ve done the opposite, i’ve eliminated the book’s archive and i’ve replaced it with baker’s book again in the same project. And now, i have the nyc images as a memory backup as the files are charging. Maybe it’s something wrong with the emulator… Im working with xcode 4.2, baker 3.2 and laker 1.4. i’ll try to test it in a real device.. if i know something i’ll let you know

  14. I experience the same issue as Antonio: “the toc width does NOT scroll until the end of the content”. This is in the iPad 5.1 simulator. I tried to delete the js scripts inside the index.html – however this didn’t work either. Please advise.

  15. Same issue as freddy and antonio. Testing on device – ipad 6.0; deleted the js .. , but the problem with the TOC is still there! Please help

  16. Hey Stephan,
    did you fixed it?

  17. I’m not really understanding TOC in Laker. I’m using latest iPad with latest Xcode. I have the lower navigation that opens on double tap. Seems to work fine.

    In your test there is a TOC in navigation bar section. It has an href to #Inhaltsverzeichnis which I have no idea what this is. It also doesn’t seem to be working or showing a TOC of any kind. Is there an explanation of this TOC somewhere? Is it a page, a drop down? What?


  18. Ah….it seems this TOC exists in a web browser. Is it supposed to show up in iOS Mobile?

  19. hey there, the TOC in the browser and in the app are different ones. In the app it’s the stuff which is displayed on a doubletap. On a browser its some kind of drop down at the upper corner of the page. The latter one is disabled on tablets (because you have the doubletap option).


  20. hi,
    fixed the problem with TOC: added the “-baker-index-width” in Book.json and now works fine!

  21. Hi Florian,

    I use Baker 4.0 and latest Laker. I am also opening external links in modal window (using ?referrer=Baker in external URL links).

    I have realized that the TOC which works perfectly, stops working once I open 1st external link in the modal window and then go back (back button). After that if I double tap – I see the top banner coming but the TOC is not coming so I can’t navigate across dossiers (only can swipe left/right).

    I have also observed that the TOC sometimes looks like it’s comming but then it’s hidden – it looks like it’s displayed ‘below’ the visible area – also the top banner is kind of shifted couple of milimeters down …

    I wonder – is it Baker problem or Laker problem ??? As you mentioned in this posting above that you have soem javascript there … so it might be actually problem on Laker side … I probably need to do some tests in pure Baker to find out where the issues is …

    Anyone knows solution ?


  22. Addenum to my previous post – seems that the bug or similiar have been described and already solved ( -> but I am still getting it with Baker 4.0 … that’s weird …

  23. Solution: Ok, I did couple of tests – seems as issue of Baker 4.0 codeline. With latest baker-code from Git (Feb 12 2013) – the issue seems not to occur.

  24. vertical scrolling issue with index.html

    here’s my solution:

    stopped the vertical scroll