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December 27, 2011

Laker 1.2 and a few notes

Hey everyone,

hopin’ you had a nice christmas!
It’s been quite a long time for now, but I finally managed to update the Laker website.

Laker Starter Pack 1.2

I updated the download section with a new version of the Laker Starter Pack. The Baker guys are doing a really good job of updating Baker continuously, so I decided not to include Baker in the Laker-Package. Every single feature (and many more) of the original Laker-Baker build were integrated into the Baker-Core, so there is no need for having a separate version anymore.

How-To-Guide Update

I updated the How-To-Guide to reflect the changes in the Laker Starter Pack. Furthermore I added a small section on Google Maps and on Licensing. Laker is under BSD-License. Additionally a link back to the project (within your publication) is required.

The Showcase

I opened a section called “showcase“, where I want to showcase the latest and greatest Apps made with Laker. So if you done something with Laker, drop me a line ;)

Everything else

2011 was a special and busy time for me. I graduated from university and am in the middle of founding my own design agency. There were some great challenges and some of the best party’s I’ve ever been to. Since April 2011 the Laker Website was visited by over 82.000 unique visitors, which is just amazing (as of dec 27h).

Can’t wait to see what’s 2012 is going to bring. Actually: I know a little bit, what it’s going to bring ;). One of the main reasons I’ve been so busy, is a project I’m doing with my friend Johannes from Aside Magazin. You may heard of him, because of his Magazine-HTML5-Only-Solution. So if you are fluent in the german language, stay tuned. ;)

Furthermore, the iPad App “Automotive Agenda”, which I did with Laker for a german automotive magazine, won an award! We did not fit in any category, but the jury thought, that it really should get awarded. So they invented a “special prize” for us. Cool stuff! ;) The award was handed over in Berlin and we had a great time with good food, champaign and a great talk by the first german, who flew with a space shuttle Ulf Merbold. Simply amazing to hear a guy talking about how it is flying into space. Here is the press release of the award (german): ERGO On.Line Medienpreis Pressemitteilung

Thank you guys for all your kind words and support over the year and keep on building publications and believing in HTML5.


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