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May 30, 2012

It’s here! Our book is available NOW!

Hey everyone!

I already teased it a couple of months ago and today it was finally released! My first book, which I wrote together with Johannes Ippen. You might heard from him, he is one of the minds behind Aside Magazine.

It’s in german and it’s called “Apps mit HTML5 und CSS3″ (Amazon-Link) and covers the development of apps with web technologies. We talk about design, frameworks, concept-phases and much more! So if you’re fluent in german, grab a copy!

In addition to that, we build a small website:
And be sure to follow our twitter account @html5rockt


3 Responses to “It’s here! Our book is available NOW!”

  1. Fantastic!
    English, please?

  2. Not yet, sorry! ;)

  3. Gerade eben bestellt! Yeah!!!