What you need:
– Basic knowledge in HTML and CSS.
– A Mac and Xcode (no programming skills required) for exporting the app.


The text module contains some kind of formatted text. Text can be placed in any column. The following example shows a text in a “large-column”, which is floated to the left:

<div class="content-element">
<div class="large-column float-left">
      <h1>My headline</h1>
      <p>Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet... </p>
</div><!--Div large-column float-left-->
</div><!--Div content-element-->

Laker is now on github! Please discuss issues, suggestions or tipps in the github forums of Laker. Thanks! ;)

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  1. I cannot thank you enough for the article.Much thanks again. Want more.

  2. Hello,
    Tell me please, if i have a possibility integrate text scrolling?

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