What you need:
– Basic knowledge in HTML and CSS.
– A Mac and Xcode (no programming skills required) for exporting the app.


A publication built with Laker is split in “dossiers”. Dossiers are some kind of “articles” which include content such as text, but also rich media, like video or audio. A dossier contains at least a start picture and the footer. The start picture is automatically resized to the screen’s width. In a printed publication each article is stretched over multiple pages. In Laker that’s different. Because of loading times between each page change (dossier) related content is better be displayed on the same page. A way to make text easier to read is to shift text positions after semantic breaks.

Dossiers can be accessed via the table of contents (iOS and desktop browsers), the navigation arrows (only desktop browsers) or by a swiping gesture (iOS only).

Laker is now on github! Please discuss issues, suggestions or tipps in the github forums of Laker. Thanks! ;)

25 Responses to “Dossiers”

  1. Hi,

    I have a question. I’m really loving this framework and i’m putting in using it to publish a book app. Is it possible to start an dossier without using a startpicture. I could delete the line that initiates is but black “flap” that shows the dossier number overlaps the text. Thanks for the help!

  2. Hey Tarik,

    sure, no problem.
    Just add a div before your content, which acts as a spacer. Something like:

    < *div style="height:50px;"<*/*div>

    (You need to delete the “*”)


  3. Thanks! That fixed it, it seems that the arrow that indicates the start of the page cuts the black flap in half. After disabling it, it works perfectly!

  4. Hi how i create interactive page thanks.

  5. Hello Florian,
    what is the procedure to add a new html page / folder to the starter package ? I tried but it broke the whole structure. Thanks !

  6. What do you mean “it broke”? Just create new HTML-Files and reference them in the book.json.


  7. When I reference a new html page in the book.json file is not working anymore. Are there specific code to integrate into the new page?

  8. Please check your json-file. If there is just one small error (like a missed dot or “,”, then it brakes).

  9. Ah yes missing a comma! Thank you very much.

  10. Hi Florian,

    how can I swipe to the next HTML page without using a navigator “next” button? I want to program a magazine fo the iPad.

    Many Thanks!


  11. Please read the documentation. You’ll need the BakerFramework for that.

  12. It’s awesome, thanks so much! The only trouble I’m having is adding dossiers, what’s the easy way to do this?

  13. Duplicate one of the html-files and add the new one to the book.json. That’s it. Of course you must add a entry to the index.html file as well.


  14. Thanks Florian! It works great! Just please, is Newsstand compatibility coming?

  15. It is already. you just need to make some changes in the info.plist. Take a look at the web or bakerforums. Thanks!

  16. Thanks Florian but no, there are is no such functioning code available there. They are trying to work on it (problem number 100) but there is no solution available to us that would allow us to meet Apple’s requirements on this (having a “store” screen from which one can download html5-based issues.
    Please do correct me if I’m wrong or if You have been working on something similar, please post that code. I’m practically done with the content but can’t get it to work with the “store screen” :/

    Peter V.

  17. Ah you mean an in-app-kiosk? Yeah, that is not implemented, you’re right. Wanna build it? ;)

  18. Yeah, I’m trying to :D

  19. i get the frame works etc,, and even have it in news stand in Xcode, my question is updates…i want to be able to update a new issue daily, weekly? i know if files are hosted on a server its just a matter of changing the file name etc,,, how do you accomplish this ?


  20. Hm, maybe you could reference absolute url paths in the json file? Don’t know, try to post it in the baker forums.

  21. i can’t edit any of the books file, what am i doing wrong, i just want to plug in a png, and a few photos?

  22. ? What can’t you edit? If you have any problems, please post it in the forums. thanks!

  23. why i cant use .jpeg pictures? thanks

  24. ? You can. check your file path and use RGB-Jpegs.

  25. When adding dossiers in the toc.html, index.html and book.json file, I still only get 4 dossiers visible in the double tap navigation menu on baker. Anyone know how I can add more dossiers there?

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