What you need:
– Basic knowledge in HTML and CSS.
– A Mac and Xcode (no programming skills required) for exporting the app.


The following javascripts are mandatory for each dossier:


“Hyphenator.JS” hyphenates the whole content. If you want to disable hyphenation just add a class called “donthyphenate” to the tag containing the content. Example:

<div class="large-column float-left donthyphenate">

For more information and a lot more options (like minimal word length etc.) visit the project’s page: http://code.google.com/p/hyphenator/


JQuery is used for visual effects and the audio player. It’s a powerful javascript library and makes developing & scripting easier. For additional tips and tricks visit jQuery.com


This Javascript library manages the inclusion of external html files. It makes altering of the “table of contents” easier, because you don’t have to edit it each dossier file. TMT CSI is the only javascript library I found, which does local including of files without a webserver (which is required for apps on iOS devices). For more information visit: http://www.massimocorner.com/libraries/csi/

Optional Javascripts

The following javascripts are used when special effects and functionalities are needed. If not in use, they should be deactivated to shorten loading time.


TouchSwipe detects swiping gestures on iOS devices. It’s used for building the “slideshow” module. For more information visit http://labs.skinkers.com/touchSwipe/.


This script manages the functionality of the audio player. For more information visit www.jplayer.org.

Card-Flip Effect scripts

The card-clip effect needs two scripts:

  • “jquery CSS Transform”, which extends the “Transform” component of jQuery to be hardware accelerated on iOS devices resulting in MUCH better performance.
  • “Rotate3Di”, Library for easy “flip-effect” animations and triggers. For more information visit: http://www.zachstronaut.com/projects/rotate3di/.

Laker is now on github! Please discuss issues, suggestions or tipps in the github forums of Laker. Thanks! ;)

11 Responses to “JS-Plugins”

  1. Hi Florian,

    I have a question. If I understand fully Laker requires all the contents to be in /book. That implies that without modification if can’t handle a magazine situation with in app purchase and so multiple issues cached in the local documents folder. Is this correct?



  2. Yeah, thats correct. Multiple Issues and In-App-Purchasing are not possible at the moment.

  3. Hi,

    I want to include swipe gestures on iOS devices to go to the next page and previous pages could you indicate how this can be achieved?

    Currently the only way to get to the next page is by clicking on the arrows.

    Please do let me know.


  4. Hey Mitesh,
    due to performance reasons, swiping can only be achieved in conjunction with the App (Baker Framework). The navigation arrows are not displayed on iOS devices by default.


  5. Hey Florian,

    Thanks so much for distributing this – it is a great product so far. Just wondering how i could target the TOC (navigation.html) as a href that is always visible? Just a backup menu button that performs the same function as the double tap?

    Thanks for distributing your work – have found it great entry level into app development


  6. You got to dig into the xcode app to achieve that. The function which displays the toc is triggered by the doubletap. If you want to trigger it on sth else, you have to define it there (or add a listener, that you can call with JS).

  7. Thanks for the great Framework. One quick question, I wonder did you consider using the .load() function in jquery to replace your “TMT CSI” code? If yes, why you choose TMT CSI in the end ? I believe jquery .load() could still do what you said to be “without a webserver”

  8. Hm, actually that’s a good question. I remember, that I tried to use it, but ran into some kind of problems. Did you test it? Does it really work without a webserver?

  9. Hi Florian,

    I am using Laker to build a magazine app however when I add Facebook comments and various social media embeds my pictures disappear. I feel like I am doing something simple wrong and would really appreciate any help or tips you could give me!

    Thanks so much!

  10. which pictures?

  11. Hi Florian,

    Awesome project! Quick question: any experience in distributing in an epub3 container? I see this overtaking the full app container distribution for emagazines midterm.

    Thx, Harald

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