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September 18, 2011

A lot of new Laker-Apps

Hey everybody,

a few new Laker-Apps are now in the App-Store.

First of all, an app I did myself:

Automotive Agenda (a german automotive magazine)
I tried to experiment a lot with webkit animation and the new Baker-Beta with Page-Preloading. Have a look, its free!


Then a few from other people:

The Urbanic app shows the work from different young artists, photographers, ilustrators and writers.

Nazi Germany for iPad
An interactive book about the third reich and the rise of the nazis in the 1930′s. It even includes a crossword-puzzle.



13 Responses to “A lot of new Laker-Apps”

  1. I’m interested in that page preloading. How does it work? Natively by three-card or within webkit using CSS transition? Where can I get an example. Is this only available in Baker beta? Didn’t find the Baker beta on Github.

  2. Hi Florian,

    Great work! What’s the different beetween the Laker Compendium and the Baker Framework ? For which App should I use Laker and for which one is it better to use Baker?

    Thanks alot for your help!

    Cheers Martin

  3. Laker consists of a modified version of Baker and predefined HTML- and CSS-Styles. But the next Baker-Version should include a lot of things from the customized Laker-Version.

  4. Hi! The page-preloading rocks! Could you send me a tutorial or a example?


  5. What do you mean? Just go to the Baker-Website and download the latest beta. There are some sample-files inside. Alternatively you can copy the laker-html-files into the new baker-beta.

  6. Could you give use the link to download the latest beta of the Baker framework?
    Or do you mean the Baker 2.0 with “beta”?


  8. Hi Florian,

    like Steffen I’m also searching for this ‘beta’. We all know the location on github… but there are 4 branches and version 1.0, 1.1 and 2.0. So what is ‘beta’!?

  9. You have to “switch branches” to three-cards.

  10. Downloaded “three-cards” branch. But the pages in the project are still not preloaded. There is the page number displayed while loading the page which still needs a few moments to come up. Your example on the app store shows up a horizontal scrollbar on the bottom of the screen while swiping to the next page. I think this does the trick — but I’m still confused about how to achieve it. Is it really done by Baker or within the UIwebkit view by some HTML/javascript/CSS magic!?

  11. Dear Florian.
    Thanks for your incredible work.
    I’m working on a some kind of “choose tyour own adventure” book with Laker, but after the Baker 3.0 and a post I read from you telling you are working on a new Laker version, do we expect an update of LAKER (to Baker 3.0 and iOS 5) in the coming days ?
    It would be nice.

    many thanks,


  12. I’m interested in how Urbanic is located on the Newsstand….

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